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I Want to Get Married

I Want to Get Married

Can Paul get married in just 6 days? Paul Roll is a lovable nerd who’s achieved everything he’s set his mind to, except…he’s never been successful at finding a man. After witnessing the marriage of his best friends–6 days before Election Day 2008–he realizes he desperately wants to get married. Forced by the current economy to take on an ultra-conservative (and anti-gay) conglomerate known as The Family as a new client, Paul must now tangle head-to-head with its Disney-like villain, Miss Deborah Anderson. Through a series of comedic mishaps that include a crusty old lounge singer named Miss Piggy B, Paul finally meets the man of his dreams. But is true love meant to be?
Director: William Clift
Genres / Categories: CINEPRIDE, Comedy, LGBT, Romance

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